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Our Mission Statement
E.R.B. & ASSOCIATES, Inc. is a personnel consulting services firm that places a strong focus on the staffing needs of various industries. In addition to our direct hire services, we also offer contract, temporary and temp-to-hire services.

Our goal is to establish the perfect match between the candidate and the employer. We believe that any company’s greatest asset is their human resource division; they are the heart of the organization. The proper candidate will help the company reach its highest earning potential. In providing our services, we have an unyielding commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

In all industries it is imperative that the proper employee be placed so as to be able to lead the company to greater efficiency, on both financial and organizational levels. E.R.B. & Associates, Inc. will only allow the highest caliber of candidate to enter into your company for approval. Only after a thorough and detailed process, will a candidate appear before the company.

Understanding the Client - We conduct intensive interviews with our client companies to determine their individual needs, personality, pace and work habits. Understanding these characteristics, in addition to job requirements, is critical to an effective hiring process. We offer a personal setting allowing for easy contact between our client and ourselves. We are always available, and our belief is to only accommodate and serve our client.

Evaluating the Candidate - Candidates are interviews in-depth. A Confidential Analysis can be provided documenting highlights of responses to our interview questions. This summary can greatly reduce the time required in the hiring process. Upon request, references are checked, and degrees and licenses are verified. In addition background testing, such as criminal and credit investigations and drug testing, may be conducted at the client’s request.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you!
Yours Truly,
Gary Bengelsdorf
President Of Sales

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